Friday, February 25, 2011

I hunt Vampires?

I am a Real Vampire Hunter?
Electrical Energy Wasting Vampires that is

By Nick Markowitz Jr.

I have been actively engaged in the hunting down and killing of Energy Wasting Vampires for many years now you find them everyday in almost ever business I go into and service there equiptment. There tricky to find because the steal power with little sips at a time. A few watts here and there but in the long run they can add up to hundreds of dollars in wasted electrical usage for absolutely no purpose.
Take the Telephone room in a building how many times have I found plugged in and still drawing electrical power Old style Telephone Power Supplies and Key System Units
That where no longer being used and wiring disconnected many years ago some as far back as the 1980’s I have even found old telephone automated attendant units plugged in as well and not being used. All these years these units have been drawing power and wasting valuable resources into the air.
But telephone rooms are just one area I find these vampires lurking. Often times you find them hiding in electrical and utility rooms and even above suspended ceilings.
Where remodeling has been done. I often find old Emergency lighting units above ceilings’ and no longer being used but sill active and drawing power the same goes with burglar alarms and old weather station and other energy saving devices as well ,which never really worked right and where cut off but the main controls are still powered up and
Stealing Power. In one case I found an entire computer server setup in a closet sitting and using power and hooked up to nothing. It happens all too often because contractors come in and replace phones etc but never remove the old equiptment which is something by National Electrical Code they should be doing. The average customer I go looking for these vampires save $10.00 to $50.00 a month which adds up to hundreds of dollars in the long run every year.
How many old homes have I worked in there basements and found a small gray transformer plugged in drawing power for old style Princess Telephones which where thrown out and replaced in the 1980’s yet the little transformer is still there stealing power .Sure its only 5 watts but over 30 years it has stolen half a kilowatt of electricity.
You too can be a vampire hunter too with a little investigation and it can often payoff when you scrap items for all the copper etc in them and hard to find adapters etc which are hard and expensive to get .I stripped out an old mainframe computer system the other day and made over $300.00 in scrap for half a days work plus there are many parts I can reuse and sell plus I got paid by the owner of the junk to remove it what a deal.
Are there vampires lurking in your customers structures I be willing to bet so and when you find them and unplug and kill them you not only look like a hero to your customer who you are saving money, but your helping the environment as well.

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