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Can you tell phony from real officer ?

Where from the government
The problem with Phony Authorities, and made up stories

By Nick Markowitz Jr.

The above picture shows a genuine classified project as you can see it is clearly some type of secret government weapon assembly .Really?
Who says because any one with any kind of mechanical background could tell you this is some type of industrial assembly and they would be right .It is used to heat oil that’s about to be recycled and cleaned .But what about the classified picture it really does look official does it not does it not look like some kind of nuclear device you have seen on TV ? Yes to the untrained eye .So now this picture will be spread all over the net about this so called top secret government weapon which never was.
Unfortunately this is what has happened with the internet, and extreme right and left wing
Wing web sites and the hysteria they spread.
To make an intelligent decision on what you are seeing, you must take all factors into consideration.
Where from the FBI really? Do you realize how many phony Police officers, FBI , Code Enforcement etc. pretenders there are out there? Plenty , many with criminal intentions. If you were stopped by some one who said they were an FBI agent do you know what one of there badges look like .
No they do not look like the ones you saw on X-Files not even close. What you see on TV is TV not realty a gun shot into a planes pressurized fuselage will not bring it down like in the movie Gold Finger but that’s what TV would have you believe.
I had some police detectives come to my door one time after a crime was committed in my niehborhood I did not recognize them and I asked them for there names and said I would let them in after I called 911 to verify they where you they said they were. A professional officer should be more than accommodating to this if not then you
Either have a phony who will run and disappear , or you have an unprofessional officer who needs to be reported disciplined and if necessary him and his dept. should face a lawsuit.
We have a big problem with phony officers pulling over single women on highways around here . We had an arrest the other day when one of these phony cops got caught pulling over a real off duty officer .We even had a phony Coast Guard Patrol craft spotted and stopped by the real Coast Guard on the Monongahela river .Plus plenty of phony military as well. So when some one says there so and so be sure they really are. Especially if there calling over the phone this is a common trick to gain information that is no ones business.
It is a shame all the people who will take advantage of situations by posting items which are supposedly the honest to god truth and there is absolutely no truth to it. total and complete fabrication.
How many E-mails I get about this and that congressional bill etc. and none of it true it is all a made up story some one is getting a good laugh off at every ones expense.
A responsible Writer/Journalist should either report it as confirmed fact with backed up materials which should be at least 2 independent sources or as an unconfirmed rumor or allegation which needs further investigation.
With a recent mass shooing at an L.A. Fitness Center near Pittsburgh Pa. the TV news were interviewing
Witnesses to the crime and several times it was mentioned by one of the people who where shot at ran running out saying it is my ex- boy friend trying to kill me .Again really? This was not the case the gunman was a mentally disturbed man with no connection to any one at the fitness center .Just a bad complex against women.
But it did not come out till the day after the rumor in the news was let loose.
Unfortunately it has been proven time and again in studies Eyewitness Testimony is faulty. But yet we have many people in jail based just on faulty eyewitness testimony
This has been the case too many times. DNA fortunately has freed many of them.
We had a case with a kidnapping and rape of a Photo kiosk clerk near Pittsburgh Pa. who I went to school with who swore up and down the man she says did it, did it yet 7 years later the real suspect who was an almost perfect double was finally convicted and wrongly imprisoned man let loose.
This is why checking and double checking of facts and circumstances and incidents needs to be carefully evaluated so you do not fall into a trap and become a victim of some ones deliberate stunt or criminal actions. There is a reason Con artists are called Con men it is because they gain there victims confidence.
Check out stories and rumors you hear thru sites like and others
Do not just believe everything you hear. Beware of what you are watching on TV as well when it comes to movies and documentaries .How many WWII movies like Bridge on River Kwai, The Fighting Sea Bees ,Wake Island etc. are almost all totally made up.
Just because you saw it on the History and Discovery Channel does not make it true either. How many of the Myth Busters shows are based on real provable scientific studies using the scientific method to obtain accurate results , very few unfortunately.
None of the crew is scientists or engineers etc. There mostly special effects guys.
If how they busted a myth was presented in court it would be ruled inadmissible.
Remember the Daubert Challenge. Based on what?
Sorry if I sound very skeptical about what I see and hear but there is so much misinformation going on out there it is hard to get to the truth of a matter ,and if its hard
For some one like me with a highly trained technical background what must it be like for the general public?
Of course this is what these merchants of propaganda and misinformation count on so they can get away with things .The old saying you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people al of the time is so true.
Take the FEMA Camps I have personally went to all these so called camps in Pa. which where on a map being circulated and there was nothing there or it was a misidentified utility company installation.
Are there FEMA Camps .There are plans etc. which are part of FEMA’s programs that in case of nuclear attack , plague etc . That they can and would be set up in extreme circumstances . But actual set up built camps none that I could find.
Now there’s plenty of old unused barracks etc at military bases like Indian town gap which could be quickly used and converted to detainment centers . But again available information has been blown out of proportion by who for what reason.
Take the rumor the government has a switch to power over all Radio and TV stations
And take control . Wrong again Im a broadcast engineer
There is the national emergency alerting system but it has been years since it was tested 1994 to be exact and even then only 50% of the stations even got the test signal. If a real national emergency message came in from the government it must first be verified by station personnel it is a real message and most station personnel have no idea how to verify it or retransmit it. Stations have special binders with sealed envelopes which contain codes which must first match, This is why during 911 it was not used most stations are automated and the message would have stopped at the station and not gone further. As no one is there though your suppose to maintain a presence from 9-5 at the station yea every one does right?
The EAS as it is known is being revamped again for the umpteenth time and this time its suppose to work everywhere right?
In today’s radio and TV world so many stations like the one I engineer at are all totally automated and computers control them and these same computers are running automation software that in many cases has so many glitches that programs cut off short and commercials run on top of each other etc. because stations do not want to pay to have a full time board operator on staff to make sure the station is running properly its all satellite and computer switching get as many commercials in as you can and its not very good.
But it seems Robot Radio and TV and its poor quality is a constant point of conversation in engineering magazines ,and it is here to stay.
Yes there are bad people in this world who are conspiring and who wish us all bad and even dead ,but being able to make clear judgments is a must.
Remember check it out and ask if this information you are seeing , reading or hearing is real. Remember the guide rule “ Based on what” Than decide how to react properly to it. Is it real or is it some one trying to fool you and make you look like a fool or attempting a criminal act.

Note: there are currently phony Fire Inspector cases in Westmoreland County and Phony Health Inspectors in Allegheny County Pa.
In addition there have also been several cases of phony state troopers as well.
and now a phony FBI Agent

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