Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sound the Cyren Call.

This Cyren Call
Should Be heeded?
If your involved in Your Fire Depts. Communications

In 2009 all Terrestrial based Television Stations in the US will have to begun transmitting in Digital Format and there will be no more Analog Broadcasts. On channels 2-13
Which means a large block of Radio Spectrum will be freed up and Auctioned off by the FCC in the 700 Mhz band but 30 Mhz of this band has been reserved for 1st responder use. And the Cyren Call Communications a large provider and manufacturer of 2 way and various other communications products has proposed a Public /Private partnership whereby
Police ,Fire and Medic depts. would be able to get the latest in 2 way technology in the 700 Mhz band by leasing the towers and repeaters at a reasonable rate from a public service provider in 12 Mhz of 700 Mhz spectrum
Instead of having to fork out thousands of dollars for towers and repeaters that are dept owned. Often times by the time a department specs out equiptment comes up with the money to pay for it and have it implemented the technology is already old.
then there’s the maintenance etc. that goes with it.
This would all but be eliminated with this new agreement and depts. would have access to the latest technology and professional tower sites that are secured 24/7 and with back up power in place.
When Hurricane Katrina Hit one of the biggest problems responders had was lack of 2 way communication while the 900 Mhz Radio System designed by Ma-com for business
Kept functioning and there was little damage to there hardened sites.
OK so there are potential down sides such as monthly bill for service etc. a private company not coming thru and customer service issues etc. but you can still have all this and worse with privately owned systems .You can find further information at and to stay up with issues on 2 way radio issues
check out the Mobile Radio Technology Magazine at

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