Friday, November 4, 2011

The Fire Alarm Experts In Pittsburgh Strike yet again

I was recently hired to take over two senior citizen apartments Fire alarms after the owners became disgusted with the high prices and poor service from a big mid regional alarm company here in Pittsburgh which goes around calling it self the " Fire Alarm experts in Pittsburgh " Well as we will see once again there any thing but.

Upon opening the Silent Knight 5208 fire Panel an excellent panel by the way. I notice first off it is wired wrong with Romex instead of Armored cable or conduit but the biggest problem where is the ground wire?
One of the single most important items to insure this panel operates properly .
no ground its wrapped back around the connector. not providing the surge and electric shock protection and other functions needed by the panel. When I get into the programming no wonder it was always taking forever for fire dept to get the call only one account phone number entered and panel set to rotary dial and many other features screwed up as well. Then looking at the system why was a smoke detector not put in the storage area corridor if ever there is a place a fire will break out its in the storage corridor in an apartment building.and this also serves as an exit route.
Yes another totally screwed up install by the G-uys but remember there the Fire Alarm experts
When the Fire Marshal came down to check what was done he told me he was glad to get rid of them from these buildings and he could not believe all the stuff i found wrong I needed to correct to get the panel running correctly ,yet there was a stack of yearly papers saying everything was tested and working properly.

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