Friday, November 18, 2011

When is Ceora going to get a new roof when is Pa. going to get off its ass and crack down on bad contractors

My Friend Ceora who Lives in Erie County and is on Disability and needed a new roof for her trailer was able to get a USDA backed loan for $30,000.00
to replace it she found a local contractor who was suppose to be insured and registered with Pa. and USDA supposedly checked him out and while his initial work was good he changed from a wood and shingle roof to a metal roof which was fine if it was put in properly but it never was and now going on the 2nd winter Ceora is dealing with federal and state agency's who are worthless toothless tigers who will not take the bull by the horn and get this smack off of a contractor to fix the roof properly by putting down proper wood underlayment and using proper screws to secure and seal the metal.
I have been trying to help her out because she has water pouring into the trailer due to ice buildup since theirs not proper insulation and roof underlayment . She becomes a virtual captive in her trailer due to all the ice.,as the roof sweats and drops water by the bucket load onto here ceilings etc. no senior citizen should be going thru this. especially one who has gone thru stage IV cancer .

First off I find out this contractors does not appear on the registered list for Pa. his name shows up no where. then USDA says they can not help other than to scare him they have no enforcement powers attorney generals office is useless and local building inspector says he did not sign off on that part of the work. needless to say the 3rd party inspector is going to loose his license to inspect after this as Ceora has prepared a formal complaint against him and is going to go after his insurance carrier. Local newspaper called and looked into a possible story on this clown contractor but it has gone no further and once again Ceora will be in a wet leaking trailer and freezing cold because all the air leaks. Once again Pennsylvania at its finest.
When you really do need help Pa. government is toothless. and thousands of Senior Citizens are getting ripped off year round by bad contractors who just laugh at what little state and criminal rules there are.

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