Friday, January 27, 2012

You will love this Music / Intercom system

ON-Q Legrand Lyric System
is one great sounding music ,Intercom and surveillance system all in one.

Forget even looking at Nutone or wasting your money on that system its garbage every system I ever put in I ended up ripping out and replacing it out of disgust with the product which is a total waste of money.

On -Q has so much more and is backed up with the power of Pass& Seymore Legrand brands .

First off its a whole house sound system
that sounds great and is individual room controlled . you can dock your I pad or other MP3 player to it for a great sound

Every one I have put them in for loves them easy to use and operate and be able to keep an eye on things.

Or if you opt for the full touch screen can get Internet Radio Stations , The Weather , See who is at the door and let them in with optional electric strikes. stage and control lights and so much more and even control it with your smart phone. The system uses cat 5E cabling and 2 conductor speaker wire and can use any ones good quality speakers. Everyone I have put them in for loves them. and new features are coming out all the time. you can go from a basic system to full blown easily . Check out the video on the system below .!

:One sad note first time I set all cable up and wired one of these in the local Representative for ON Q come on site to help show me and friend how to program this system and he was shocked to find all the cat 5 wiring correct every other time he has helped there has been wiring issues.Which sadly tells you the quality of installers and techs out there in my area all this is cat 5 wired to 2568A style . The Fire Alarm experts in Pittsburgh who install these systems as well have never gotten one right first time. sad indeed. Its just simple data wiring nothing more they can not even do that right.

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