Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arson Fire Spree and Redevelopment there is no coincidence?

Seems like the Arson bug or bugs are at it again in Mckeesrocks Pa. this time along Chartiers Ave
since the end of November there have been almost a dozen fires some suspicious some accidental along with the fires have been 2 fire deaths .
Now given the fact McKeesrocks has a supposed Indian curse placed upon them because an Indian Burial Mound was disturbed . I think redevelopment via Arson is going on.
lets look at whats been going on down there it was announced last year that the Old railroad yards of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad known as P&LE which where burned down in an arson fire by the way 20 years ago
are going to be redeveloped into light manufacturing and flex office space and storage.
Which means jobs and opportunity. How ever to attract people to come and open a business there ,
the town needs a little spring cleaning and if shopping and housing are convenient for workers all the better.
What better way to clear property scare out the undesirables and then scoop up the lots using shill buyers at a cheap price than with Arson.
The same exact thing I suspect going on in the City of Duquesne .with the plans for the new pipe plant and Cochran Towne development.Along with an announced water park expansion.
I saw the same thing going on in Hazelwood .Braddock and other towns when the Mon Valley expressway was going to be put in after they announced was cancelled all the fires stopped.

Lets face it to have so many fires in Mckeesrocks accidental or other wise is a statistical anomaly
there is that many.
Plus it is easy enough to make a fire look accidental and if investigators make mistake's and rule fires arson when there accidental .Its just as easy to rule a fire accidental and it is arson.
with so many things coming out about junk science and fires yes it is a real mess.
I am not saying investigators are incompetent but like all areas some are better trained than others etc. and if an arsonist is intent on making it look like an accident and there's complete destruction and no flammables involved to start it how do you prove it is arson unless some one is seen fleeing etc.

I am not saying the people who are doing the redevelopment have any thing to do with the fires its the opportunists taking advantage of the situation.

Now yes take into fact Mckeesrocks has lots of old wooden structures with bad wiring every other town does to so why are there not as many fires in these towns as well?

Yes it is absolutely amazing the number of supposed accidental fires we have here in Pa.
when other towns and states around us are not having them. I can ride with my scanner on all day thru Ohio and W. Virginia not hear one fire call while once I am over the Pa. line multiple calls. So go figure its either an evil plot to conspire and use arson to redevelop or its just dumb luck.

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