Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If your going to install a new iGSMV Honeywell communicator better learn what a crossover cable is

I recently installed one of the new
Total Connect 2 Internet and GSM Cellular communicators Honeywell has come out with
the new iGSMV which looks similar to the unit at bottom of left picture.

Its primary path uses internet and its back up by cellular in addition to land line dialer a very secure unit with one minor problem in very small print they tell you in the manual you need a cat5e Cross Over cable .


Now why Honeywell does not prominently state this in the install manual is beyond me I can see installers and techs spending unneeded hours on the line with tech support and everything that goes with it.
I see this same problem all the time on T1 circuits used in business as well they often require a cross over between the T1 jack and modem interface and I have seen plenty of IT guys who do not know this and spend hours figuring out the wrong cable was used.
This should not be such a big issue but it is unfortunately there is a big lack of knowledge when it comes to different cable configurations and if your not IT savvy you have no business being involved in it but alarm company's do it all the time send out installer after installer after tech after tech because they will not properly train there people or equip them with proper tools and testers. I have the proper testers/ analyzer for networks I knew my cable was right I could pop up an IP number but saw no transmission /acknowledge lights flashing on communicator which told me to look for and as I figured correctly I need a cross over cable. Only took me 15 minutes not 3-5 days like I have seen other so called
integration company's techs take.

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