Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy ,Ignorant and Uncaring SLOB Contractors delaying jobs and putting lives on the line

Everyday I have to put up with uncaring lazy bastards and Asshole contractors who could care less if they slow you down and delay you trying to do your work and costing you money and they
show it in there work everyday when they put not only workers but innocent children's lives at jeopardy.
take the recent job site I was on where there building a couple high end homes in the city of Pittsburgh Mt Washington section and keep in mind there are occupied homes all along this street some with children and notice how an excavated ditch for putting in the foundation is not protected by anything to keep a person walking at night from falling in and getting hurt or killed. This is a serious Major
OSHA code violation as is the 2 - 300 pound Propane tanks out back not properly secured which if bumped could take off down the driveway and street and explode what a nice play ground this national home builder has done for kids to get hurt or killed. Nice job HL

Then theirs the lazy ass stupid I do not care slap it up Dry Waller's who bury wires and force me
to have to open holes in finished walls to find intercom wires they have buried and the lazy ass Roofers
who did not clean up there nails and I got one in my work boot and almost in my foot.

So I have notified building inspection who will be calling on this national builder and giving him several citations.
So what where the crews answers.
It was late etc tot tired to do it right etc. there is no excuse for this and if some one does get hurt The insurance the home builder has does not cover gross negligence which is what this is . He will have to pay the judgement which could be hundreds of thousands of dollars . Which he will not he will just go bankrupt and start under a new name. Thats what they always do because no one is ever held accountable in the state of Pennsylvania for there actions.
As usual people stand there shake there heads and say how could this happen.

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