Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another case of Mass fire deaths that where preventable

The story all too familiar a family party and stay over and this time 6 children and 2 adults dead  and as usual no working smoke detectors Its happens 2-3 times a year in the tri-state area of Ohio ,Pa. and West Virginia  multiple residential fire deaths and there is absolutely no excuse for it.
They give smoke detectors away for free. You just have to put them up and maintain them. If these people had a couple more minutes notice they might all have made it out safely, But thru Ignorance, Lack of understanding ,lack of education or just plain stupidity  or all off the above we have 8 dead in Charleston W. Va. just as it was 10 dead  in Brookville Pa. and 10 dead in
Greene County Pa. and 6 dead in Akron Ohio couple years ago under same scenario.We just had the case of 6 dead in a home in Connecticut when some one put fire place ashes in a paper bag and set it in a mud room and there where no detectors in a high end home couple months back.
You say well that's why we should have sprinklers in all homes sorry the same thing would have played out because they would have turned the water off as well because they did not maintain the sprinklers either.
back to that human nature thing it can not happen to me.
Some times you have to wonder if this is not just human nature thinning out the heard as they say.
or there just too stupid too live and its there fate.or they thought oh it just is not going to happen to us.
 It still does not make it right. These deaths where 100% preventable but just like with the case with the Amish and fire. The question  is what we do for the good of the people vs privacy and religious beliefs?
We have the technology to make 10 year battery life tied in cellular reporting smoke detectors which can even tell if there being blocked by something or tampered with. But do we bust down doors and demand there installed and if not we haul them to court and put them in jail because they have not protected there children because there so stupid and negligent ?  sometimes like in this case that seems to be the only answer.

But there's also plenty of questions to be asked of the manufacturers of  smoke detectors and the Fire Service it self.
Why are you still promoting and putting in Ionization Smoke Detectors which are known trouble makers with nuisance alarms and which are known to have delay issues?
These false alarms are known reasons why people take smoke detectors down block them or take the batteries out of them.Why are we not promoting  Photo Electric Smoke Detectors which do not have the falsing issue and accurately catch fires much faster than Ionization type units/

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