Sunday, March 11, 2012

Silent Knight releases new Firemans Phone System

You might say to yourself firefighters need a Phone system in a building? Well yes there are times a Phone system is needed
with Fire Alarm Systems particularly in Sky Scraper type buildings and large sprawling buildings where 2 way radios may not penetrate all the way thru a structure.
With this in mind Silent Knight has released its new fireman's Phone system model SK-FFT which allows multiple paths and communications at one time . Designed to work seamlessly
with its Addressable Fire Panels it fits the bill for those times when you need a Phone system.
Now you do not pick this phone set up and dial an outside number it is for interior communication with in the building.
Typically you will find the master control unit in the lobby next to the fire system where a master head set is located with in the cabinet you will find portable hand sets from 2-10 a firefighter carry's with them to the fire incident floor so he can talk to the master control headset after plugging into a jack usually located on every floor near the elevators. Some buildings depending on size and need may have more than one jack.
the system is designed with supervised wiring so you know its always ready and back up battery system if power is lost. A firefighters phone system should not be confused with a voice evacuation system you might also find next to the fire system as well that panels microphone is used to make announcements in the building to occupants such as which stairwell to use or its a false alarm or to stay in place.

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