Sunday, March 11, 2012

When you need Faast Fire Detection

Though not a new technology it has been around for a few years it has been highly developed to a science by System Sensor . A company whose products I love to use.

FAAST or Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology utilizes a series of special Orange CPVC piping to quickly and accurately draw air into a sensing chamber where 2 technologies a Blue LED carefully checks for even the smallest amount of smoke and a Laser checks and identify s if it is dust or other debris and rejects it There by allowing for very accurate smoke detection but eliminating false alarms. the systems are 2-3 times a conventional smoke detection system but in very critical areas like data hubs, server and telecommunications rooms museums etc .

It can detect a fire fast before significant damage occurs the faster a fire is detected the faster it can be put out. before sprinklers activate or FM200 systems.

have a critical need data or similar operation look into FAAST

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