Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Horrors in a Beaver County Building continue

Yes it is absolutely amazing what passes for Fire Protection In Pa. but then again no one really gives a dam they prove it every day and it has always been this way just look at the little surprise I found while working on and converting an old Faraday AC Only System
I previously talked about finding 3 live 120 circuits  and having to separate them now I am working at changing over all the bells to horns and new modern ADA  pull stations which are supervised by a modern system. Well it did not take long to find out the wiring to horns and pulls where paralleled
which means there was  not proper supervision of the bells  they need wired in series, then when I did test system half of it did not activate as you can see the broken connection at picture at left where blue wires need to be together not apart which is why bells in rear of building did not sound this pull station and bell where removed when elevator was installed and system never restored. The elevator smokes them selves do not meet code either .You are suppose to use a small fire panel to supervise them properly this is not the case they ran some smokes and powered them of a power supply with no supervision plus the wire runs all thru the building instead of up the proper chase and yes this was approved by a Pa. state elevator inspector.
Then in the front of the building as you can see in the top picture some one decided they needed to move the bell and pull stations and did so running lamp cord and again nothing supervised. Lamp cord is for temporary wiring not permanent wiring with time it will deteriorate and break as happened here.
This system is suppose to be tested and certified yearly which it has never been done since it was installed improperly in the first place in the 60's But hey this is beaver county do what you feel like its all grandfathered any ways.

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