Sunday, August 12, 2012

Despite numerous safety devices and procedures some truck drivers prove how stupid they are everyday

One of my customers runs several of these mini Storage facility's where you rent a unit to store your unneeded items .  At his one facility 2 times in a months time drivers bringing in trucks to pick up or deliver items have managed to rip apart the gate control system . Each time this has cost the truck drivers over $10,000.00 out of there pockets and in one case the driver took off and was stopped and brought back by police. he faces losing his CDL license  to ever drive trucks again.

Now this gate is equipped with a bumper guard re-tractor on bottom of gate to send it back if it hits a vehicle and there is also a safety beam across as well which retracts  the gate there are also flashing red and yellow strobe's to warn gate is going up or down . There is absolutely no reason any one should hit this gate there timed to allow vehicles thru and prevent exactly what happens . Yet these supposed professional drivers managed to hit and destroy this gate twice now.
It was all caught on video as well so these drivers have no way to deny what happened yet they come up with total bullshit story's .
When the gate come down they should have stopped and put there foot on brake as they have been trained   instead they just kept driving and acting like they never saw a thing. Needless to say Tractor trailer type trucks are no longer permitted on property and now have to stay outside the gate and hand jack the loads into where they go. But this is what happens when trucking company's hire people who are not qualified to be behind the wheel you have to wonder how they got there CDL in the first place. But trucking company's are so desperate to have body's behind the wheel they hire any one
and these are the consequences they deal with every time they have to pay a claim when one of there brain dead drivers causes an incident.
Its a shame because in a recent truckers newspaper I read of a driver who just retired after 3 million miles behind the wheel without a reportable accident.

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