Sunday, August 12, 2012

Employee lucky to be alive after driving forklift where it was not supose to be

It never fails to amaze me the number of brain dead individuals walking around in the world. Employees at my one customers business have been told to never take a forklift down thru a narrow alley way between his main store and warehouse buildings due to tight conditions and electrical wires which supply power running along the wall.
Well one Dumb Ass Lazy employee decided he did not want to use the manual pallet jack and instead decided to take the forklift down thru the path and as a result he hooked into a live 230 volt 100 amp feeder wire for the warehouse. He caused at first a massive surge in store then there was a flash and warehouse lost power . By some lucky miracle he did not electrocute himself as the breaker did not trip and was still on and hot when I got there. Needless to say manager on duty fired his ass on the spot and sent him home for violating company policy. the dumb ass was still trying to pull items out with the fork lift when the manager went out and confronted him as he was totally oblivious to fact he had just caused several thousands dollars in damage as concrete will have to be cut out and wire pulled back thru and replaced.
There are reasons why there are rules in business but too man fail to follow them and then wonder why they find there butts unemployed here is a classic case.

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