Sunday, September 30, 2012

Smiley Face Killers do they Really Exist?

Once again a senseless tragedy a young vibrant male college student attends a off campus party and goes missing and is found drowned shortly there after in a pond or river . With plenty of questions how did he end up in the water. Plenty of people go to party's get drunk and do not end up drowned. How could this happen

While it is easy to say  alcohol had something to do with it and it is just a tragic accident what if it was not? What if in fact an organized group of individuals are responsible for it happening? Crazy sounding ? Well maybe not so crazy after you have read numerous articles and heard these 2 retired NY detectives on various radio shows talk about the Smiley Face Killers.

A case where when college students body's are found  nearby a smiley face  and similar markings are found painted on structures big rocks etc. as crazy as this sounds and I am not suggesting this is one of those cases there seems to be way too many young college men ending up drowned who never should have been where they where found. Read the evidence these detectives present  at following links and decide for your self are there Smiley face Killers or is it all hog wash?
I know one thing for sure living in Pittsburgh  a city  with 3 rivers and working nearby the rivers first as a  security guard and many years now in my business,  which some times involves working on tow boats or docks . Workers warn you about being aware of snakes on the decks. and with good reason. When several times a month missing people are found in the 3 rivers be it by accidentally falling , suicide or foul play. There really could be something to this. Yes I have even seen smiley faces painted as well along our rivers.

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