Sunday, April 21, 2013

Have a large warehouse ? Want a Shift Start & End Time Tone? Also need a door bell to know a customer is at shipping door but want to avoid the expense of multiple bells and buzzers ? There is a solution

If you have a large warehouse or distributing business like my customer has  and need  to know some ones at your shipping / receiving door  and you also would like to have a clock controlled shift  start / end and lunch time tone  but do not want to spend a fortune to do it  . Then you need one of these modules  I just put in a very large food distribution facility in W.Va.  after the manager asked me about how to keep the cost down with out all the wiring and bells and said he had a crazy ideal could he put it over paging system he had every where  my answer was yes using this item

Does your warehouse have a  Paging system then all you need to do is add a simple module to get the door bell and or the clock tones.
 the  CTG-1 and CTG-2  clock tone controllers fill the bill

 What they do is add simple tones over your new or existing paging system.

Want a door bell run a simple 2 wire circuit from door bell switch to controller then 2 wire from controller to paging input and thats it 

Those same 2 wires you hooked from controller to paging amplifier also sends the shift change  tones which you program into the controller with simple commands via simple schedules you can set for once to several times a day.
 You can even hook the facility burglar alarm in so it sends an alarm tone all thru the place
or even just a door or any contact  to a device you need to let every one know needs immediate attention. there is also an emergency whoop tone alert for use to evacuate the plant if theirs a fire ,tornado etc. all in all a simple solution to what is usually a mess of wires and devices.

Viking even makes a device you can add to existing paging unit to provide mass evacuation tones and voice commands . how ever you will want to make sure the device and paging system has some type of  back up power like a UPS

I just love all the neat products Viking is coming out with because it allows me to provide solutions for customers with out an extreme cost and complication.

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