Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Missing Nuclear Gauges used in construction work it happens more often than you think

You hear this story every couple of years a special gauge used to determine the density of road materials and moisture content of soil goes missing off the back of a construction vehicle. No big deal stuff falls off trucks all the time when not properly secured so what makes this gauge special.
This gauge contains a small amount of radioactive material which if tampered with could cause injury and burns .
To even possess this gauge which is usually only available by lease you must have a special federal license from Nuclear  regulatory Agency so you think contractors would be more careful but there not . It is amazing over the years the stuff I have found which has fallen off trucks I have returned to owners or turned over to police to find  owner when it had no identifying marks such as ladders, tool boxes etc   . People are always in a hurry fail to tie things down properly or fail to properly latch  down a tail gate they go speeding down highway at 75 mph and its gone.  Sometimes with tragic and deadly results when it bounces thru a drivers windshield but no matter its speed up get done and get to the next job and this is how situations like this happen and now it will be months of paper work and interviews etc. because they screwed up.

if you ever run across something like this do not touch it and call 911  so properly trained people can make sure it is safe to picked up and returned to owner.

In this latest case it was safely found and returned 

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