Sunday, July 28, 2013

WI-EX Cell Phone Booster and Luxul Networking equiptment brings High Tech to the New Life Church

One of my new customers who I meet thru a Electrical Contractor  The Electric Company introduced me to  the New Life Church in Saxonburg Butler County Pa. has finally been able to save enough funds to build a  new church after meeting at a school for many years . But with all new buildings there are challenges especially since technology and building codes  is constantly changing the church wanted to take advantage of the new technology but try and stay in budget but also allow for continued growth as buildings are added  .

With this in mind I installed an integrated Honeywell System which consisted of a Honeywell Vista 250FBP panel  combo Fire and burglar alarm panel  which is Total Connect 2  services  activated which also provides the Vista Key Access system and  a Silent Knight Voice Evacuation panel with 6 zones  with a big facility being able to give clear voice commands is essential . I also installed an Avaya IP  5 Office  Phone system which can be upgraded to full IP service which is fully expandable .

But I also added some new technology to make  life easier in the church while they had a simple Belkin router set up to get them thru they needed professional networking gear thats where after doing research and working with many manufacturers I settled on Luxul  for router switches and access points high end self configuring components made it a breeze for half what you pay for Cisco and it blows Cisco out of the water

Luxul Router and 2 24 port gigaswitch

WiFi Access Point
But then with all this neat stuff we had a problem no cell service inside the building because of its all metal outer shell walls thats where Wi-Ex  products come into play I used a High end unit YX745 only available to professional installers which brings the outside cell signal into the building by means of a outside mounted antenna and inside mounted amplifier and antenna and it works great

inside amplifier and distribution antenna

outside PCS and GPRS antenna
 looking for solutions check out these company's and there great products

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