Sunday, August 25, 2013

A New Fire Alarm Installation and NO Official Fire Inspection What??? How lives are being put at risk in PA.

Yes it absolutely amazes me how lax building codes are here in PA . despite the passing and enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code passed back in 2004  which was to improve standards of construction and inspections.  Yes building codes must now be followed and inspections do take place by certified inspectors but not where they need to be done and instead these towns focus on making sure handicapped rules are followed instead of are the Life Safety Systems going to function are the fire walls really fire walls and they have not been improperly penetrated etc.

Take 3 cases where I have installed Fire Alarms in 3 towns  in  South Western Pa. and no official ever inspected or tested those fire systems.

Case 1#Liberty Boro

The  Fire Alarm I installed at a new Family Dollar which was built in an old shopping center in Liberty Boro which is next to McKeesport .in 2006
I go to town hall get info to install system and permit which involved submitting a stamped plan by a design professional. I install the system and when the project manager for Advanced Construction Services  called for final inspections he was told he just needed the NFPA Forms  filled out  for System inspection and completion  there was no inspection by the boro they took it all by form I filled out that everything was installed per code and what was called for on the print.
They never even asked what level of competency I had to even install systems. I could have installed anything signed the form and they accepted it.I went to local Volunteer fire dept and told them I installed a new system and this was a brand new Silent Knight 5208 panel they where probably not familiar with would they like to do a company tour to familiarize them selves with the system. No never got one returned phone cal even after talking to a fire officer.

Case 2# Harrisburg PA.

Once again absolutely no interaction with fire officials  just install a sprinkler monitoring system at a Family Dollar in a shopping plaza . They did not want plans  and never tested it and to make matters worse the stores sprinkler system was turned off and not functioning when I got there and I had to turn it on. .Contacted Fire dept and officials nothing  no inspection and now Family Dollar is refusing to pay there monitoring fees to central stations there accounts have been terminated at several stores  and fire officials have still done nothing about it even after being contacted again. I contacted the state Fire Commissioner about this he has no enforcement powers and he said he would advise them about situation and I have not heard back from any one as far as i know there is no fire protection at any Family Dollar store I have done.

Case 3#
 Clinton Pa.
New Life Church where I installed a fire alarm with voice evacuation once again absolutely no tests or inspection by local authorities and no interaction with local fire depts they just do not care and that was same thing sprinkler company experienced which shocked them no one was coming to test there  system.

Yet  all the screaming and carrying on by fire  and public officials we need better codes and enforcement  etc etc. and it is nothing but lip service and the fire service has the audacity to question me when I say they're there own worst enemy yes they really are and these 3 cases prove it.
how many times when installing systems I have tried to get even the local fire dept to come on site see whats going on even right here in my own community and nothing no one ever shows up but they scream and carry on like little girls and run to the fire marshal when something goes wrong with a system they wanted nothing to do with and now look like jack asses when they can not turn it off.
sorry I have absolutely no pity for those who talk big and do nothing. like my old Biology teacher use to say " Heap big  smoke no fire"

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