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Protecting one of the most active Paranormal attractions on the East Coast with Honeywell Life Safety Products - Hill View manor

I have plenty of spooky properties I take care of where rumors of paranormal activity take place like at an institute for at risk youth and a former Train engine rebuild shop in Braddock. But this one tops them all.
A  long time customer of mine purchased Hill View Manor and has turned it into a full time  paranormal investigation attraction where real paranormal investigators  come in and set up expensive equipment to detect paranormal activities .But you do not need equipment to experience the strange things that go on in this building even working in there in the daylight the building makes all kinds of strange and unusual noises. Just ask the 2 friends who came up to help me and got freaked out by it. The fact that many suicides happened in the buildings over 10,00 people passed away during tenure of the buildings and several Ghost investigation shows have been thru the place just added to the tension.

Hill View manor opened in 1925 as The Lawrence County Pa. Home  which was for those who where  mentally ill and those who where indigent and had no family who could take care of them ,and as you can see by some of the pictures I took it was very grande and modern place when it first opened.
Main Entrance

  But with time comes changes and the facility changed names to Hill View Manor and became more of a skilled nursing facility to close its doors in 2007 because it was costing too much to run and keep it open

My customer bought the property at auction but vandals and thieves had already started to do there handy work breaking windows and stealing copper from with in the electrical pipes.
I suspect contractors did this not your average thieves as it took knowledge not to electrocute yourself 
As you can see in the above picture.

But then after my customer bought the property what to do with it . With all the rumors they heard about ghost sightings and paranormal activities they decided to start running evening tours of the place just as it sat .

A specter in the  left doorway?

Working in this corridor to boiler room often felt like i was being watched
Do you see an image of some one in upper left of picture many say they do 
But there was a problem out of concern for the guests and to make it all legal my customer needed to have exit signs installed along with handicapped restrooms and The fire system needed to operate that's where I came in the building had an existing Simplex system but was in disrepair and because it was a proprietary system it would cost well over $20,000.00 to fix it. something cost prohibitive.

So I was able to reuse some of the parts and I put in a Honeywell 128FBPT combo Fire and Burglar Panel  at which time I added multiple Honeywell ASC    dual tech motion  sensors all over the place to discourage further burglars  as my customer had a Dewalt now Tattle Tale portable alarm which gave limited coverage.

The new system also has Internet and cellular back up communication so he could use Total Connect basic to remotely control and view cameras with in  it which was a bonus as he does not live close by and with the arming and closing signals  emails , he now gets he knows his workers have showed up on time to conduct evening tours.
 The change out went very well because the entire system was revamped with new wiring in 2001 .
of course chasing out the old system and installing the new components was a challenge.  The elevators no longer worked which meant hauling stuff up and down steps and just the shear size of this place with all its twists and turns its easy to get lost  .
Add in all the funny and spooky noises and  working in the dark in many areas just added to the tension of the place, which included a friend and my self experiencing what sounded like a woman in high heals walking right towards us on the second floor's cracked up vinyl floor which actually went in and out  as we heard the foot steps . Then add in the  mysterious shadows appearing in some of the pictures  I took plus coins and other items left on counters and window seals seemingly jumping off the counters all by them themselves .
  There was also the incident when  my  customer first showed me the Simplex Panel the programming disk was missing  then after touring building and coming back to the panel there it was seems the ghosts like to play games and hide things. There was also that constant feeling when we where installing and programming the panel that some one was watching you and in picture above some claim they can see the outline of a figure on the left side of picture.
Now being born on a Friday the 13th  well you can just imagine all the fun we had.
and even those who do not believe and have walked all thru the place by them selves will admit they either heard or saw things they could not explain. So why not come and check it out for yourself I have included some additional pictures of hill view below for your enjoyment let me know if you find anything in them.

back up generator another area copper was stolen

grinding wheel in boiler room

boiler room condensate pump

2nd floor sitting room

toys for the ghosts of children to move  and we herd all kinds of kids  giggling etc back in this wing

railroad retirement certificate of some one who passed at hill view and belongs are still there

water powered tub for bathing patients

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