Sunday, December 29, 2013

Simple Surge Suppressors often provided and not being installed on Card Access Systems Spells Big Trouble in the future

If you buy a  Card Access control unit from the major manufacturers like Honeywell  they often provide right in the kit a set of special surge suppressors  you place across the lock and the access units releasing contacts  to prevent the surge that is created when the magnetic field collapses when a mag lock or solenoid lock
 d energizes.
 Failure to install these surge suppressors which cost about $20.00 a set will lead  eventually  to the early failure of the lock and and control unit. Yet when I service Card Access units put in by others I rarely ever find them being used ,even when they are provided right in the kit. Honeywell / Northern  provides them with every Vista Key Starter Kit  and Net Axcess 123 Kit  as you can see in Cut sheet provided with the controls in picture bellow .
Why Technician and installers do not use them is shear laziness  but also in some cases they want problems so they can come out and charge you an excessive amount of money to fix it. That's why so many company's do not use surge suppressors and UPS units etc or hook up grounds properly so you the end user have to pay for service calls and then all these same company's and there techs wonder why I have grown my business with high end customers its not that I am cheaper its because I provide good service with excellent installs to prevent future problems and that includes surge protection. Properly installed  and maintained only service needed on Card Access is replacing solenoid lock after 10 years of heavy use  and battery's every 5 years.
Surge suppressor  installed on main unit 

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