Sunday, May 4, 2014

Union Electricians should have known better than to install non approved connectors on fire alarm cable

Never fails to amaze me how  some days how professionally trained electricians will fail to follow electrical codes at a customers business where he is moving in and he hired a general contractor to do the renovation work the electrical contractor they hired  did the following while installing the fire system I will eventually be maintaining and monitoring.
In the above picture you see a 4X4 electrical box with 2 14/2 red fire cables pulled thru a MC ( Metal Clad)  Connector and you can see how wire is damaged.
Now the electricians who did this install and caused the ground faults are highly trained and should know better .
MC Connectors are only listed to be used with metal clad cables not plastic jacketed.
They should have used Romex/  NMC connectors or plastic bushing but they chose not to.
of course now we are getting ground faults and there responsible to make good on there work.
Why they chose to do what they did who knows might be only connectors thy had and seemed like they would work or where just too lazy to go get and wait for correct ones .
But either way its wrong and will need corrected and time and money lost. But thats not what all I found bad
  Look at metal flex wire with out proper bushings and wire being hung on washers instead of fastened with proper connectors

and in the picture above you can see 2 places wire was pinched and grounding out.  very un- professional work by union electricians who are professionally  trained and know better than to do work like this

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