Sunday, July 6, 2014

10 years ago 2 Pittsburgh Firefighters lost there lives and 29 where injured due to negligence of Fire officials yet nothing was ever done about it.

I remember the day well travelling thru the downtown area and seeing the large plume of smoke coming off the Hill District area of Pittsburgh .
I turned on my scanner to hear a Church was on fire in Hill district.
I decided to ride up and take some pictures. I parked my truck and was walking up to scene when the steeple of the church collapsed onto the street hitting the officers running the command post below.
Little did I know at the time of the collapse 2 firefighters had lost there lives.

As you can clearly see by the NIOSH report there was plenty of blame to go around and plenty of incompetence that day.
Yes the Fire Bureau now takes accountability in account and has made changes to prevent further tragedy and some people have retired or been replaced but as usual in the fire service no one was held accountable for the deaths. 
Something that does not happen in Private industry where people are brought up on  criminal and civil charges. 
Why the double standard especially when these where paid professionals not volunteers .
Even Police Officers are regularly criminally charged over their actions if inappropriate. 
Instead we just right up a report and hope some one reads it and follows it to prevent the next tragedy.
Maybe when a fire chief gets held on criminal negligence charges they will change their attitudes and tactics but until that day expect another tragedy and horrible accident and more firefighters dead because  the Fire Service remains its own worse enemy and many firefighters paid and volunteer agree with me. 

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