Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New GFCI Rules will just cause more confusion and still result in wrong units being used. Fools at NFPA and UL strike again

I could have told you this 30 years ago GFCI Ground Fault Interrupter receptacles used outside do not hold up for NFPA and UL to finally figure it out and still screw it up nothing unexpected.

I have seen this problem for ever  it seems .Even if the receptacle is used in a wall of a home with weather proof cover sooner or later the GFCI will get penetrated by water and fail.  So now the geniuses at NFPA and UL have come up with a new code and receptacle and the normal $10.00 GFCI now will cost you $25.00 because you are using it outside
New warning label

So we are back to the same old problem. Yes us professional electricians know we have to put in these new  style weather proof GFCI in which can be seen on right side of picture below
Left indoor GFCI , Right outdoor rated GFCI

 But Joe blow walks in hardware store  asks for a GFCI and gets handed a indoor one and  does not know he has to use the weather proof one or just does not care, and the clerk selling it too him is just as uneducated to even ask the question and really do you think hardware stores are even going to carry the more expensive units ? not a chance they will keep selling the indoor type for all uses.  and besides who read labels or follows instructions and Joe blow public is not going to spend $25.00 when $10.00 will do. 
 Instead of compromising and coming out with a universal unit where cost is spread out  no they have to make any one putting one outside pay the price.  I still see how many people putting in 3 wire plugs on electric dryers and stoves with 10/2 romex   with no clue they are doing it wrong .The code  which requires 4 wire plugs and 10/3  romex has been in effect almost 20years. Still not being followed .

 So whats the end result if its a new home or building after 2015  you can pretty much assure GFCI will work properly  if installed by actual electricians if its older structure it may or may not depending who did the work. Now inst that nice to know. Maybe your safe maybe your not. Thanks UL and NFPA
for another bone headed rule with out thinking it fully thru .

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