Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why we should be encouraging our young people to embrace S.T.E.M .

You may have heard or seen a commercial for S.T.E.M.

Science ,Technology , Engineering ,Mathmatics

It is a movement in this country to get our young generation to go into these fields and rebuild what is sorely lacking in this country a highly skilled highly educated workforce to compete against the rest of the industrialized world.

Right now we have to import from other country's the Engineers and scientists we are not producing our selves.
I have a customer who is a Physicist who teaches at a local university and he has only 1-3 students who are American Citizens in his classes he teaches  the rest are all visiting students on Visas .
This is pathetic.
Our younger generation is going to college but they are not attaining the higher level degrees leaving those slots to students here on Visas.

The level of education of students in USA is far below other developed and industrialized  country's
when we use to always use to be near the top and we need to stop this decline if we are to compete in the world market.

  You can help as well by encouraging youth you know to go into one of the major goups of stem
movement .

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