Monday, November 17, 2014

Aiphone Intercoms once a Great Brand Now a total dissapointment

At one time Aiphone was one of the best brands when it came to commercial Intercom Systems.
solid built they lasted for years and kicked Nutones butt.But they have changed once made in Japan manufacturing is now done in Thailand and quality has gone down hill .
I will not be purchasing them any more .

I recently purchased 2 set ups one just voice the other with Video and while I got both working it was a total pain in the ass when it came to hooking the wires up.

Instead of screw terminals  Aiphone has gone to these push in terminals and you are suppose to  easily insert wire in them Wrong Sometimes the wire slips in easily and comes out easily some  times wire will not go in.

Then an important feature of the JD series the  availability is not in the JO series which allows connection to a DVR so when active persons at door can be recorded 

Once hooked up it worked fine but getting it hooked up was a pain where you have a master station and add on unit and master is wired fist its the opposite with JO series . which meant another rewire when adding a new station.

Needless to say this unit gets a fail and will no longer be considered and I will be looking for a new product line why do great companys have to keep screwing up like this and ruining there product line

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