Sunday, November 9, 2014

All the criminal activity caught on video tape may not lead to a suspect But in this case the Burglars screwed up and cameras caught them with out their masks and the video tells us much more about crimes.

I have a customer in a rural county which runs a sandwich shop and they where recently burglarized.
Normally on video you will see the Burglar or Robber with a mask on committing the crime.
like they did here at this burglary.
Except these burglars screwed up they covered them selves with Painters coveralls and painters masks as they carried the safe outside and called for get a way vehicle  but then took them off after exiting the business and did not realize 2 outside cameras captured all there actions and their arrest are eminent. As license plate and faces where clearly visible even thou it was dark.

But with modern forensics even coveralls and a mask are no good If police have a suspect in mind as body geometry gives a suspect away.  cover and hide all they want they are just wasting there time.

But what about those who get away with it ? well what criminals are dong for law enforcement is provide a blueprint as to how they operate and commit their crimes.  Modus-Operandi

This helps when finnaly caught to nail them to a string of crimes and it also helps police understand how crimes are commited and better prevent future crimes. 
It alsomhelps them determine during the crime if criminals had inside knowledge which it apears these 2 did. 

Yes criminals think big deal I got caught on video you will never catch me . Wrong you are telling law enfocrcement more than they ever realize. and as more and more systems now have multiple back ups and stored on cloud  etc disabling the cameras will do no good either .  with modern wide anlge cameras we see all and more than most people ever realize .

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