Monday, September 7, 2015

More Stupidity from NFPA why do residental R 13 systems not have valve shut off tampers? Especially when used in Small Apartment Houses and Personnel Care Homes etc.

Yes right along with the Daisy Chain Smoke Alarm debacle NFPA has caused there  is an even bigger issue and it involves the one thing they have been pushing on there agenda and thats residential sprinklers .
In small apartment houses and town homes etc. where sprinklers are tapped off the house water line   there is no requirement for a tamper switch to warn  the sprinklers are shut off . I have even seen this with small office buildings and personel care homes.

Anyone can just walk up and turn off the water valve to the sprinkler system and ou would never know.
 Water Line tapped for sprinklers and no tamper in  Small Office Building 

As you can see in the above pictures there is not even any kind of markings telling you the lien and valve are feeding a sprinkler system and all too often these valves are located where the public can easily come upon them and turn them off. 

There are thousands of small apartment units Personnel care homes and offices set up this exact way and all a potential disaster waiting to happen. As you can see this room is jammed full of boxes and junk and a valve could easily be turned off by a box falling against it. Yet codes do not call for these valves to be at least chained off and better yet electrically tampered. But because often these small places do not require a fire system just daisy chain smokes code makers feel it is a burden on owner to install dedicated panel for this purpose  .

Yes the very systems designed to save lives daisy chain smokes and sprinklers  can be fully interrupted and no one knows and no one cares. Dam shame  how little code makers care about those who live in small apartments and personnel care homes .

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