Sunday, March 12, 2017

You learn alot when you grow up in Pittsburgh and your an Eagle Scout Biggest thing not to mention it? If you want a Job in Construction or the Trades or have a Jewish sounding last name

Yes The Eagle Scout Award is the highest Honor a Boy scout can earn in Boy Scouting I earned mine in 1976 and was so proud to get it.  but My Scout Master the late Frank Russel also sat me down and explained how I would forever have a target on my back by those who resent those who strive to be a better individual in life .
Was Mr. Russel ever right.
I found this out from the fall of 1976 and all thru the 1980's when trying to find a good paying full time job with benefits in the construction and trades field. Not being able to secure suitable employment I decided to run my company full time  starting in 1981.

It seems back then that employers in these areas did not care to hire any one who put eagle scout  on their application and they did not want to hire somebody with a Jewish sounding last name sad but true. I am not Jewish my family last name should be spelled ICZ on the end we are Ukrainian but when my grandfather came thru Ellis island and was able to write his name on entry papers instead f making his mark like others they assumed he was an educated jew. and immigration officials spelled his name to sound Jewish. I often thought about changing my name like many of my friends have done but also like some of my friends wanted to honor my grandfather and his wishes and did not change it

I put in 100's of applications all over. One day I walked from Neville Island all the way to downtown Pittsburgh a total of 10 miles putting in applications never got one call.
The company's who where very good company's to go to work for back then where not hiring and the mills where going down. so I was low man on the totem pole and I was not going to kiss some ones ass to get a job like many I know did and be beholding to some one I keep my job.When you came out of school in 70's you had 2 choices college or military I qualified for neither Even thou I had good grades dyslexia was always in the way and back then they had no understanding of it like they do now.And Physical problems kept me out of the military 

I can proudly say any job I got was on my own merits even if it was a shit hole of a job but I did what I had to survive till I got my business going .

The realization of having a Jewish sounding last name and trying to get a job  came very clear in 81 when a friend recommend me for a job at a large industrial facility looking for maintenance people
The interview went well I thought but never got a follow up call would run into my friend couple weeks later on bus trip home from town and he told me all about him being told they don't hire Jews after he asked why they passed me over.  Well that company is out of business when the rest of the mills went down.Thats also when I started spelling my name different with ICZ on end  and started getting more offers  so that just showed how racist these company's where.   I had a similar experience where I applied after friend told me about an opening and he told me not to mention I was an eagle scout they don't like people with that kind of integrity. and Im thinking why would I even want to apply but needed work so why not if it held me thru times . So I put in an application  did not mention the eagle scout get called for an interview and during interview they asked had I achieved anything in life mentioned the eagle scout and interview went down hill from there.Eagle scouts carry the stigma of being goodie goodies
some employers don't like high achievers as well. they want a  do this do dat and shut up say nothing and know nothing.

Knowing this I would have never worked for them anyways you don't want to hire some one becsue they have integrity like an eagle scout or have a Jewish sounding name I want nothing to do with you and tells me everything I need to know about you.
I have heard blacks refer to Pittsburgh as Mississippi Pittsburgh  and asked them why and they said its because Pittsburgh is an extremely racists city and the reference is to Pittsburgh being the most southern northern city. its a shame but its true the Pittsburgh area and state in general has a very large proliferation of hate groups from the KKK to Skin heads and extreme segregationists

Unfortunately I hear the N word  and the K word being used all too frequently while I work
when I hear it from people I avoid them and if its an actual customer I drop them I do not need these type of customers.

Had a realty customer ask me one time how I could be living in Penn Hills and let my wife shop at local grocery store because blacks shop there also?
Tells me thats why he moved out of Penn hills  he did not want wife shopping with blacks because they can not be trusted. Needless to say I no longer work for him.

Thats where I have to give many of my customers credit for not allowing racism and hate speech to go on in their places of employment they hear it or see it that employee is warned and then fired if it keeps up.

I also rarely mention I am an Eagle Scout because there are too many employers who do not hire eagles seeing them as goodie goodies especially when they are running a business where questionable practices are condoned.

Then again same situation you do not want to hire an eagle I do not want to work for you if you are not going to run a legitimate company and take care of your customers and employees and allow shady practices.  See too many of these type of company's in Pittsburgh which explains why so many last a few years and are gone. Actually getting a good company to work for with good pay is hard these jobs are few and far and the less than reputable company's  know this and take advantage of their employees and get away with their shady practices.If you have no skills at all and just a high school degree your really screwed in this city 
Call it under- employment which has been a big issue in this town ever since the mills went down.
I know plenty of hard working people who deserve to be paid and have a descent job but do not have one because they are so hard to find especially if your not skilled.

This is why I preach to our young people  you need to stay and keep educated and always be looking for that next great thing because jobs and technology change so fast

One of the reasons I have been successful with my business is I was always willing to travel out to jobs and further away from the big city's  the better I find the quality of people I work for sad but true.  What ever it is that causes such racism and bigotry in Pittsburgh I will never  understand  there is no excuse for it. But sadly it goes on everyday.


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