Sunday, February 27, 2011

Are you violating FCC rules on Jammers

Cell Phone Jammers
They are illegal to posses in the USA
But are available over Internet and causing
Very serious consequences
There is a growing problem across the country where people are buying over the Internet
Illegal to posses Cell Phone Jammers from small limited reach to high end expensive units which can block all cell phone traffic for several blocks To posses such a device you can be subject to Fines by the FCC in excess of $11,000.00 and up to 1 year in jail
But it appears like all other rules people just ignore them until they get caught and start crying like a baby I did not know it was illegal.
The problem with these jammers is they can and do cause many problems to other radio services such as AM/FM Radio broadcasters which use 900 MHz to transmit the radios stations signal from there studios to the tower as well as disturbing sensitive Hospital Equiptment and these high power jammers could stop an individuals pace maker from working. The other more sinister use of these jammers is done by those in the criminal community who are trying to jam back up wireless alarm communications or a sick individual just jamming signals at the scene of an emergency so emergency personnel would not be able to use there cell phones to communicate with 911centers and emergency providers like private Hazmat contractors .The only group permitted to posses a cell phone jammer in the USA is our Military forces not even the FBI is permitted.
And web sites which sell the units clearly state not for use in USA but people buy them anyways. We have the same problem going on with in the fire service where individual firefighters as well as whole depts. have been busted by the FCC for going out and buying Dual band UHF/VHF amateur radio service radios ( Ham) which require a special license and using them in there personal vehicles and in Fire Trucks and this is also highly illegal as well because they are not for use where Type Accepted radios are required and because amateur radios are not built to the tighter specs Type accepted radios are they can cause all kinds of radio spectrum interference when used outside of the amateur band. The only time an amateur radio operator is permitted to operate out of band is when no other means of communication is available and it is a dire life threatening emergency .But as usual I know of several rural Depts. which have been busted for using the radios out of band .The FCC now has very sophisticated vehicles for tracking radio signals and they no longer need to triangulate they were at the recent big broadcasters radio show in Harrisburg showing one of these vehicles off . When they get a complaint from an amateur radio operator or broadcast engineer like my self they will investigate .The FCC rules are there for a reason to prevent interference and possible injury and failure to follow them is inexcusable .Especially if your a firefighter.

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