Sunday, July 24, 2016

In an Emergency Allegheny County 911 The worst run of all 911 services I have ever had to contact and use in my many state travels and 2 million miles on the road

At one point I was running to 7 different states doing alarm work in late 90's and during all that driving I often had to contact 911 centers in various county's in various states and each and every one except for Allegheny County phones where answered in a timely manner and calls  professionally handled .
In Allegheny county forget it you either get thru keep getting a message like I did on a  Wednesday  morning at 10:00 am 7.20 16  there was a high volume of calls to 911 center  hang on . Then when I did get thru an uncaring operator when I reported a erratic car in traffic with broken and busted up windshield who possibly was fleeing a crime scene and I had license plate to give.
  We have hand a significant increase in crime in that section of Penn hills and this could be a very important info and they fluff it off

Yes thats Allegheny County 911 the horror story's I could tell you are very significant  and not unexpected considering the fact that Allegheny County was the last major metro area to put 911 into effect  .before that I had to carry a list of phone numbers and City of Pittsburgh's dispatchers where the worst of the worst and many of them where merged into the Allegehny County system a serious mistake.
I can go all the way back to summer  1979 while working for Burns Security on a Power upgrade build site in South side and upon seeing a very large plum of heavy black smoke going up in the air near homes along Arlington Ave I called City of Pittsburgh dispatch and was told they would not send trucks  and whole time I am pleading they send trucks for an investigation a home was on fire and people where trapped and finally after being on line with operator and pleading they send some one he finally goes. OK we just got a call from the Call box system  at least 2-3 minutes of time lost sending units . Today that operator would have been fired  But not in Allegheny county where arbitrators keep putting them back on the job. Not all the operators are bad some are super starts but they have no choice but to work with the bad ones   who could care less about human life . can not speak or listen to english correctly and generally do not give a fuck.

When I call 911 in other county's and states I never get the attitude you do from the operators  like you get in Allegheny County.  They are quick and efficient and very helpful like in Lawrence county when I had an electrical issue do to water break at a business and did not have numbers for the utility company's . I called Lawrence county 911  told them what was going on  she took my info said hold on and switched me to approrite  utilty and started fire dept to my location.

Had a similar dangerous incident in Penn hills few years back called Allegheny county 911  where was major break and they said to call water company and hung up. I had to drive over to the water plant on Nadine and let them know what was going on  because I did not have their number.

Same thing happened when a truck load of waste paper was all over the Highland Park Bridge  and causing major traffic hazard they said call the city sork division and hung up.

Yes if your in Allegheny county have an emergency and are unlucky enough to encounter one of these rude ignorant operators your out of luck be ready to handle it on your own what a dam shame it is allowed to go on and they have no means to replace those who will not do there job.