Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alternative Energy and the Truth many obstacles need to be overcome before it can be total use of it

When it comes to Alternative Energy and the truth it appears Green Weenies cannot handle the truth when presented with facts . Why we still need Coal Oil and gas to produce electricity and can not go full solar and wind
Unfortunately solar and wind cannot replace the base load the 24/7 requirement for electricity. Known proven fact green weenies know and refuse to address. The base load is the constant demand for power when a factory turns on there is a demand solar or wind can only put out what its rated for yes you can turn on extra solar or wind but what if it’s not sunny or windy now what ? That’s where fossil fuels come in as demand changes it can be instantly be switched as needed  something wind and solar cannot do 24/7 especially in climates with freezing temperatures  where solar and wind become diminished or will stop working all together in severe cold weather turbines can freeze up with ice  .   Wind and solar are great supplemental source but in building solar and wind systems and batteries to store the electricity you also create a very large hazardous waste and environmental issues greenies do not want to talk about batteries for solar have greatly polluted 3rd world countries where they are produced with all the highly toxic materials, metals and chemicals needed to produce the battery’s. Wind turbines have killed thousands of birds and vibration from them because known issues with health ask people who live by them in Somerset Pa and Uniontown Pa.  Solar also has issues they start degrading after 5 years and after 20 years must be replaced. They also present a hazard to firefighters responding to fires at a home or business where panels can shock and kill a firefighter and it prevents them from getting water into the structure and venting the roof.   We also need coal , oil and natural gas for all the byproducts it produces such as activated charcoal, carbon, plastics, medicines etc. We cannot just cut off the use of coal and oil do some research and you will find out just how valuable coal and oil is to everyday life not just for providing electricity. Transporting oil and gas by pipe is safest way to do it, Billions of gallon flow every day in this country everyday no issues while one train that ran away in Canada with oil ran into a town in Canada and killed 57 people. Don’t believe me do the research. Yes we should be using alternative energy and conserving natural resources but doing so wisely and not trying to replace something which cannot be replaced till better technology break thru come about. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

AT&T Causing major headaches with Transition from GSM 2G to GSM 3G/4G Service and putting lives and property in jeopardy

On January1st 2017 AT&T Nationwide shut down its old 2G GSM data Network

In doing so they required all Burglar and Fire Alarm company's to upgrade their  existing 2G units to the new 3G/4G units.

Everything was going fine I like many company's put in the new 3G/4G communicators and where getting good solid signals on 3G/4G  but then when AT&T shit down 2G all of a sudden  now the good solid 3G/4G signals are no longer there or extremely low causing a mad dash to add on external antennas, re-position the units  etc. to try and capture a signal. 
The end result many Burglar and Fire Alarm customers are being left without protection if the Cellular Communicators are the sole means how the signal from their systems are being sent out.

It appears AT&T  has not properly deployed the new service and no one is getting answers from them in the mean time millions of homes and business have spotty to no coverage should their alarms activate.

Not a good situation to be in. Most of my customers cellular is used for back up incase the internet or hone line fails so signals are getting good and as i get a fail to communicate signal I can go and fix it
but large company's do not have this luxury and are scrambling to get things done becuse of the many thousands of accounts they have.

We had similar issues when AT&T transitioned from Amps Analog to GSM Digital a few years back but nothing like we are currently seeing. what ever they are doing to get things optimized in their network I hope they get it done soon so people can get a good nights sleep because myself and many other alarm company owners are not.