Sunday, August 28, 2016

NUVICO Just one of a long list of CCTV & Electronics company's to go out of business in the Race To The Bottom

Yes sadly there is a race a very bad race when it comes to electronics and thats a race to the bottom when it comes to who can produce a camera or DVR or other electronic item., for the cheapest price and its killing the electronics industry.

The latest Victims include  Nuvico , Everfocus and KT&C

It was every time I saw nuvico rep they where changing their product line and look we have these cameras even cheaper . i kept telling them I do not want cheap i want the dam thing to work.

But electronics manufacturers have not listened instead of getting high quality for a reasonable price electronics made in Japan they instead have gone to China and Malaysia where there is no such thing as quality control and in the case of China it is often forced prison labor.

The result these manufacturers ordered products made and labeled with their brand name on it put it out on the market and  dealers started returning product after product due to it being absolute garbage.

I myself had to return several Nuvico DVR's with defective fans and hard drives in the last year something I never use to do when Nuvico made there own product instead of contracting out. 

I see the same thing going on with flat screen TV's , LED lights  and even in the trades the poor quality of electrical and plumbing fittings  you name it  and all you find is junk made overseas.

As as long as consumers refuse to pay for a quality product it will be nothing but shit being turned out  in the race to the bottom and I have absolutely no pity for any of the manufactuers who go out of business who play this game.

The USA priced it self out of the market years ago for American made products because the USA manufacturers refused or did not have the capital to improve efficiency due to constant wage demands and union work rules interfering and you saw where that got the US Steel industry .

When a mini mill in Korea could put out 10 times the steel for 1/4 the price an American mill could
because American mills where so inefficient .

When will the race to the bottom happen in electronics no time soon Im afraid to say as long as consumers are willing to buy and demand cheap it will only get worse.