Sunday, December 27, 2015

It is No Wonder why Manufacturing left the USA when you look at the history of this Railroad Engine Rebuild facilty in Bradock tells the whole story

 A Manufacturing  Plant   in Braddock went out of business in the year 2000  after running for many decades and going thru several owners.
Their primary focus was the rebuilding of the electric generators and engines used in Diesel Locomotives .
The plant employed 85 plus or minus  highly skilled  union workers who tore down and rebuilt the units in 2 large plants across from each other.
During the time the plant was open it was a constant battle of workers battles management.

 Many of the Workers where constantly ripping the plant off stealing  tools and other items they would then resale  or use on there side jobs or they where deliberately destroying the plant  and its machines or deliberately not properly rebuilding items making them have to be rebuilt again.
They could care less if some one got hurt when they did what they did it was all get back at the plant owners . It got so bad the plant owners had ADT come in and install alarms and cameras everywhere
to combat issues.

The problem as always when you signed on the line to work there and agreed to the contract you knew what you where going to be paid and what you where expected to do. If you have a problem with that leave and go find another job. Do not go out buy a car a house a boat and then have to keep coming back to this job you hate.

I have seen it time and again when you went into certain steel workers basements all the stuff they had ripped of from US Steel and J&L  when I was a kid .

One of my neighbors when I was a kid was one of them telling me he deserved all the stuff for what the mill put him thru.
Well my father never took any thing from the mill he went to work and did his job and came home and when mill called and had an emergency he was right there. did he like the mill No but he liked the guys he worked with and did not steal or do damage like many of his co workers did.

But all too often the attitude of the worker in the plant was screw the company because the company is screwing us.

Its this same attitude which got workers hurt when those who did not give a crap about the company or people they worked with  left dangerous situations for their fellow co workers.

I hear it all too often" I go to work do my job and I go home nothing more "

and I see it every day when they have this attitude how it effects the morale of their fellow workers and the general safety  and condition of the plant for all involved.

Why should I clean my machine and take care of it F--K the company let them fix it when it breaks or buy a new one

 Why should I keep a clear aisle way  for my fellow worker screw them.

Yes I know some one bypassed that safety switch why should I care  management does not .

My boss is a A hole  and Dumb f--k and all he does is make things harder  screw him I do not have to listen to him  instead of letting management know to replace him.

Yes management is just as much to blame with their attitudes 

Why should we get new machines if your just going to bust them.and not take care of them
when management knows these machines are vital

Not hiring enough people to do job properly  etc/

 How many times have I seen management make bone headed decisions which just waste money and make no sense  because they have hired incompetent people to run their plants

  Yes every emotion good or bad that plays out on the factory floor plays out in the office pool as well   with those who are over bearing and incompetent .

Yes once this attitude gets into a plant it is doomed and thats what destroyed this country bad worker and bad management attitudes. Management not replacing and updating machinery  and all every one is after is the almighty buck  it is just a matter of time till the plant is obsolete and its products worthless pieces of crap  no one wants to buy becuse any pride there once was is now gone.

I see it every day how American business just shoot themselves in the foot everyday and then cry and complain when they fail.