Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fire Officials and Firefighters Want you to put in Sprinklers and have Smoke Detectors in your home . But how many of them have them? Yes another fire Station burns to the ground in Pa.

Around midnight on June 200th a fire is spotted in the Robinson Twp  Fire Station.

Firefighters arrived and saved one truck driving it out thru the station doors and 2 firefighters where injured trying to save other vehicles and items but in the end the station is a total loss and $500,000.00 in damage . 
Photo Credit KDKA

They have no set up a go fund me account to help replace gear and vehicles which insurance will not cover.

But we are back to the same question why was there no sprinklers or smoke detection system ?

We have Fire Stations and Fire Houses all over the tri-state which have no fire protection systems of any kind and millions of dollars in often  taxpayer either fully or partially  paid for  gear  sitting in them unprotected.

Yes the same people who want you to install Smoke Alarm  and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your existing home  and Sprinklers in your new home have nothing in theirs and there is no excuse for it.

I have been in Firefighters private family  homes even chief officers homes and no Smoke detectors 
nothing protecting their own family's but they insist you have them .
Had they had a  fire system in the fire station  it would have activated firefighters would have arrived to a much smaller fire and had damage to the building but far less damage and probably saved most of their gear . 

From all reports It appears they had no system or if they did it was limited in size and scope of what it did.