Friday, February 25, 2011

How come Grandma can not use here new TV

Manufacturers of Technological devices
Do not get it
When it comes to selling to our older population

By Nick Markowitz Jr.

I am in a bit of a quandary when it comes to helping my mother -in -law transition to Digital TV
Her analog TV will no longer receive TV reception after February 2009 because all analog TV transmissions will be discontinued across the US.
And go to Digital Technology.
This means she will have to get a digital converter box from her cable company to allow for the reception of signals. Even though the TV will still work with old the analog cable the cable company will still provide it will be very limited on content and channels like Court TV and Hallmark which my mother-in-law likes will no longer be available
And this is where the problem begins. We bought her SONY TV specifically because it has a very simple to use remote control with out a lot of buttons because she gets easily confused and even a simple remote can confuse her. Every remote coming out for digital is extremely complex to operate.
This means we will have to tape off buttons etc to prevent problems from happening and
Have to retrain her how to use the new remote.
Now why is it that manufacturers of gadgets do not get it that we have an older population in the US that is getting grayer and larger every day that need simpler to operate TV Remotes, Cell and conventional corded and cordless Phones ,Microwave ovens etc.
Everything you go to buy today has to be loaded with many features 85% of the population never uses. And 95% of the sales people have no ideal what there selling and how it really works to begin with .I walked into a Best Buy the other day to ask about a new HD radio and they had no idea what I was asking for and that went for the local Radio Shack as well. It is a total waste of time and production. OF course some do get it and have a nice profitable niche making and selling devices to our senior and disabled community I only whish there were more of them. If manufacturers actually took the time
And sat and listened to there customers and heard what we want instead of producing what they think we want there sales would go thru the roof but as usual they just do not get it and those that do profit from there endeavors.

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