Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working Man gets screwed again.

Thank you Bureaucrat’s
For once again screwing the Working Man

The Cash for clunker program and the bad results it produced.

We saw it on the news bring your car in to the Federal Governments “Cash for Clunkers Program “and get back up to$5000.00
off the price of a new car etc. This will help Detroit auto makers and get cars in poor shape and bad emissions off the road. Well many people did but many used car dealers in violation of the program rules also
put cars into the program and just here in Pittsburgh Pa. it is estimated by care dealers that 20,000 cars where taken by the program and the end result when a working man tries to go out and purchase an affordable car 500-$2500.00 there are none available .So he can not drive to work or go shopping or take his family out there are no more cheap cars available.
He has 4 choices take mass transit which is underfunded and constantly cutting routes and community’s served. Like here in Allegheny County with PAT Transit take a jitney or Walk or go into unneeded debt to buy a higher priced car and have his available budget for money and utilities’ cut.
I recently blew the engine on my truck and it will cost $4000.00 to replace it but to find an even half decent truck to replace it you are looking at $12,000.00 to 18,000.00 dollars used and $32,000.00 to 40,00.00 to replace my ¾ ton 4x4 truck new.
Well looks like I am getting a new engine at least I know what I have done to the truck and not taking a chance at getting a Pig in a Poke. In mean time I was looking around for a cheap used van in the $1200.00- 2500.00 range which I could use while my truck is fixed as a back up vehicle and there are none available when they always were before.
So yes once again the efforts’ by our government to help those in need has lead to them being screwed the very people who help keep this country running. The Working Man.

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