Friday, March 4, 2011

Gas saver Life taker

80’s Era Gas Vent Energy Savers
End up putting users in Danger!

During the rise in prices of natural gas in the 1980’s due to alleged shortages many manufacturers came out with a fancy system designed to shut off the flue pipe which vented deadly combustion gases to the outside of the structure,
after the furnace shut off to help prevent losing heat from the furnace and boiler to the outside of the structure ,when the furnace or boiler was not producing heat. Some where thermally operated and some mechanically all were given the blessing of the American Gas association as being safe to use because of various safety features built into the units.
But unfortunately many of these units failed to operate properly 10 or so years out when they became encrusted with rust and soot and mainly were forgotten about as most furnaces were being replaced by more energy efficient furnaces which have there own unique dangers. But there are still many of these units out there still operating and in danger of malfunctioning as they get older especially when furnaces do not get an annual cleaning and check by a competent furnace tech. While many of these units should have been recalled especially the thermal type unit the whole matter has gone quietly unnoticed I personally have pulled 12 of these energy saving units from service when I found them not functioning and reported the problems but no agency has followed up despite the fact my findings were published in Pa. Fireman’s Magazine which has a large following. Unfortunately many of the so called energy saving devices which were brought on the market then and now never really worked in the first place but you can still walk into stores and find plenty of so called energy saving gadgets to buy and unless you are in the trade and can properly evaluate a product there’s no way of knowing your getting ripped off .One product that does save money are the new Compact Fluorescent and LED style bulbs which can save big bucks in the long run .This also includes water saving shower heads and adding insulation etc .

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