Monday, April 11, 2011

Fire Alarm causing a Fire ?

Why are Alarm Installers not properly installing the Dual Battery Harnesses?
On High end Ademco /Honeywell Combo Fire / Burglar Alarm Panels

By Nick Markowitz Jr.

Alarm Installers are dangerously disregarding Honeywell’s Factory Instructions on its high end panels when it comes to how the dual battery harness is installed on Vista 32 FB, 128 FB and 250 FB and FBP Panels
Instead of putting the doubled end red and black wires on the 2 bottom terminals and nothing on the top 2 terminals and having 2 loose red and black wire sets 4 wires total. Installers are installing the 4 loose wires on the 4 board terminals and putting the doubled ends on a single battery which puts 2 fuses in parallel to the single battery thereby overloading the battery leads which could lead to a fire and or explosion of the battery under certain circumstances. The top 2 board terminals are only used when the panel has the 24 DC volt horn adapter installed.
What the factory should be doing is putting plastic caps over these terminals so they are not used and marked 24 VDC adapter use only.
Now the factory should not even have to do this because had installers done due diligence of reading the instructions before they installed the panels they would know not to do this dangerous practice. But lets face it too many installers are a dime a dozen do not care to learn there trade are underpaid and have no pride in there work
Personally only one time doing national accounts service have I ever found in 20 years of working on these panels have I found the harness installed correctly. I note this all the time on work orders and no one cares to pay attention till the day comes a battery gets overcharged short circuits and the inline fuse is delayed in blowing out and you have a serious problem on your hands. With all the poorly built batteries being sold out there it is just a matter of time till a fire alarm actually causes a fire some day or an installer gets seriously hurt responding to a low battery signal. I have actually pulled batteries out where the batteries temp had exceeded 600 degrees.
And have a complaint filed with CPSC over certain manufacturer’s batteries due to all the problems I am seeing with them. But as usual nothing will change until there is a disaster. Educating installers not to do this forget it.
They could care less.

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