Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nothing but LIP SERVICE from the Sprinkler Crowd

2 dead in a Group home for the mentally impaired which had no sprinkler system in Erie Pa.
20 disadvantaged older men with mental or other impairments loose there Personnel care home in Claysville Pa. a home which did not even require a full fire system and no sprinklers.

The sprinkler crowd is so worried about having sprinklers in new homes which are less likely to catch fire because of all the new construction techniques and the sprinkler requirement is actually keeping those home owners who are working class and buying lower end homes from affording them . in Allegheny county to meet all the requirements which require a master plumber, professional plans, flush and flow tests etc. additional tap. Yes you are looking at $8,000.00 to16,000
for an average home to have sprinklers plus another $6000,00 to meet energy and electrical codes
so anyone buying a low end home including those groups like habitat for humanity trying to help build low end homes are screwed.

So what is the real message the sprinkler crowd sending?

If your are old or disabled or mentally deficient or are working poor you are not worthy of
the safety systems new home owners must have. So screw you.

After the 2 deaths in Erie after the personnel care home fires some fatal in other states where are the sprinkler advocates calling for safer housing for our disadvantaged, where are they? they are no where. Not one word not one outraged voice in the news saying this needs to stop we need to get these people out of these old unsafe homes or sprinkler them.

The places that really need sprinklers the most do not have them and never will . Why with all the technology we have available no one has come forward with an effective way to prevent or put our fires in structures ?
Well thank UL the lawyers and everyone else who has there hand out making it so we do not have affordable alternatives to sprinklers.

Think about it what is the real agenda of sprinkler advocates when they are not interested in protecting the disadvantaged and only new home owners ?

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