Friday, May 20, 2011

Prank or deliberate Arson attempt?

Was called to a customers Swimming pool sales store S.W. Pa. Because the lights and phones where flickering on and off. Upon My arrival and subsequent investigation of what was
going on I noticed that what at one time had been a small bath room area had been opened up and made into a showroom giving me a clue to fact wiring was in those walls and was possibly re-spliced improperly causing the flickering . I was right instead of an electrician doing the work a store manager had.
I proceed to open up the ceiling and was hit by a tub of Bromine Tablets used to treat pool and spa water a highly corrosive and explosive product if not handled properly.
When I called the owner he told me he had a dispute with the store manager couple weeks back and was worried they where put up there to cause problems such as an explosion or fire. I called 911 and officer arrived and I explained the situation about the open cans of bromine and he said yes he was concerned a crime had been committed wreak-less endangerment a felony could be charged on the individual who put the tablets in the ceiling for had I not have my safety glasses on I could have been permanently blinded. Not only this but the fact they where placed directly under a loosely wired junction box which was sparking and you have the perfect formula for disaster. In addition to state charges it is a Violation of Federal Law to misuse this product.
The officer took the report and turned it over to the detectives for further investigation.
So now the question is what where the tablets doing up there other than to cause problems
of a criminal nature? or a very poorly thought out prank either way some one is in big trouble.

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