Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That Phone call you never want

Its 8am your service manager has just called and advised you the terrible Fire scene where there is a confirmed fire death that you are watching on the morning news. Is in fact protected by a burg/fire system your company has installed and it did not work.

This is exactly what is playing out in a S.W. Pa. community after an elderly mother escaped but her middle aged disabled daughter did not.
A Burglar/fire alarm system was installed and never sounded. and there where no other single station smoke detectors.

So now the questions and answers begin.

No signals had been received including test signals for several months and system had been falsing and repairs suggested but not authorized. Apparently cats in house where chewing wires and several repairs done

the AHJ was never notified nor was home owner with a certified letter of potential danger if system was not fixed.

so then more ???

was the system installed to NFPA 72 residential standards ?

was proper UL listed equipment used?

was proper red fire wire used?

where sounding devices properly supervised to warn if wire is broken to them?

where sounding devices proper type and loud enough or did individual sounders on smokes need to be used?

Was there a 30 day mandatory test?

If the smokes where 4 wire type was proper power supervision relay used and where smokes wired correctly?

Where smokes placed properly?

where trouble signals received and tech sent or home owner notified?

Well I can tell you this much this is another one of those company's whose work I have seen and in fact I have taken over several of there systems and they where poorly installed.

A needless fire death again because they where only interested in making the monthly recurring revenue not taking care of the customer and making sure there techs knew there job and where doing it properly.

I wrote about just such a tragedy happening a couple months back in the expensive home where I found all the fire protection shut off

I will give you more details as I learn them and the outcome.

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