Monday, June 13, 2011

Lead by Example The Fire Service fails the test

Here in Pa. at least 2-4 times a year you will hear of a Fire Station catching fire and in many of these cases there is absolutely no Fire Protection systems protecting the Fire Stations at all not one Sprinkler Head not one fire alarm system not even a simple 120 volt ac single station smoke detector absolutely nothing and over a million dollars in equipment often times much more can be lost let alone the cost of replacing the buildings and in some cases fireman are staying overnight as well with nothing protecting them, but the fire service wants you to put in smoke detectors and now sprinklers in your new home. I was recently at my nieces graduation held at her dads fire hall station combo and there is not one smoke detector or sprinkler to be found in the building I was even hard pressed to find a hand fire extinguisher except for in the kitchen which has a hood that is completely out of code and still using dry powder not K Chemical new hoods use.

While I have been in stations old and new which have everything imaginable to protect there equipment and firefighters who may bunk there over night. it is by far the exception not the rule
If we in the fire service are going to insist that the public follow the rules then why do I time after time here complaints from fire fighters they do not want to follow it.
Sorry but if your going to insist the public follow it that means you to. But in the mean time another station will go up in flames this summer some where in Pa.
If the fire service wants respect from the public then do so by leading the pack not insisting your exempt because your firefighters. The fire service has been and will always be its own enemy as long as it fails to lead.

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