Wednesday, June 29, 2011

State of the Art Alarm systems

The newest thing in state of the art alarm technology is now the capability of being able to arm/ disarm and control system thru your smart phone plus get text messages as to what is going on in the system and also being able to receive video from cameras on the property. These fee based systems are available for many systems on the market and the one I now use and offer is from Honeywell / Ademco Security and is known as "Total Connect "
As you can see in the picture on my android smart phone I can also access it thru my Lap top or any other internet connected device like a I Pad I have full control of the alarm system at WAVL 910 AM where I am the broadcast engineer .
It alerts me when we loose power, or T1 lines audio signal or tower lights etc are out. Plus I can control doors , gates and transmitter etc. plus view the stations exterior cameras which watch the property. It saves me many trips up per week up to Apollo Pa.
The system is simple to use and costs about $10-30 per month extra on your security/monitoring bill depending on how many times you use it and what services you are using.
The system works using either or both a GSM based Cellular or Internet hard wired communicator which is attached to the control panel. The Total Connect system works in conjunction with Honeywell Alarmnet service. Which offers a secondary path or primary monitoring of you alarm system against phone lines being cut.
Besides Honeywell . offers this service to GE security controls as does Napco for there's and also Tellular whose system will work with all panels. Check with your security provider to see if they are affiliated with any of these programs if you are interested.
have a loved one with medical condition or elderly parent or have latch key kids who come home before you do from work your worried about then the text alerting and cameras could be perfect for your busy day,with out having to constantly snoop on them and make them feel like your invading there privacy. Check it out.

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