Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Energy Sucking Vampire Killed

This may not look much like a Vampire and menace but for the last 10 years it has been silently sucking power from the electrical grid and doing absolutely nothing .In all it stole $10.00 worth of electric not a lot but when you consider there are often 2-10 or more of these lttile vampires in a business just sitting there sucking small amounts of power and doing nothing it adds up to quite a bit.
to point that energy laws and codes have been passed to have all equipment that uses these little wall wart plug in transformers being built with efficiency in mind.
In this case this voice alerting fax switch which was designed by Rainer Mfg. was used to instruct people to hit the 3# key on there phone so fax machine would accept the call. When fax machines first came on market you had to have a dedicated phone line for them or always be ready to turn them on and off. with this lttile gadget which cost $195.00 at the time you could share a voice line with a fax. when CNC tones became
common on machines that recognized when another machine was calling they became obsolete yet there are still many of them out there buried in computer and phone equipment rooms just sitting there stealing power. like so many other units. No one ever unplugs them and they sit there silently stealing small amounts of power. up to 15% of all power produced is wasted on items like this and this is why it is important they are hunted down and disconnected.

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