Friday, July 1, 2011

Whats wrong with this Pull station? You can not pull it open?

This very old Fire-lite BG Pull Station that was originally part of a 120 volts ac fire alerting system made by Lightalarms Electronic Corp Brooklyn NY. now part of the Massive Thomas and Betts Group. installed in the late 1950's
It was later upgraded from a AC with no control just bells arrangement to a Fire-Lite Miniscan 112 - 12 volts Dc system with 12 volt bells some time in the 80's, and at some point along the line the building owner ran out of the glass break rods that go into the stations and some one instead inserted a piece of no 12# Gauge wire in its place which prevents the system from being operated and alerting people to evacuate.
It was caught because the building was recently sold to a realty company and they where required to have system tested and made to transmit to a central station when it goes into alarm . Needless to say as old as everything was I replaced all the bells and pull stations with new upgraded ADA approved Fire-lite BG12 Pull stations and P2R System Sensor Horn/ strobes instead of bells and installed a Fire-lite 5UD control with communication to central station I use. In addition to what was there I also added a I3- 2WB System Sensor Smoke detector on each floor and above control to add additional safety to the system and beef up its effectiveness. Had the building not been sold it probably never would have been caught until there was a tragedy. Sad to say it but who ever serviced this system let down the building owner along with the AHJ who are suppose to make sure systems are operating properly in there jurisdiction. This is just one of the many ticking time bombs out there waiting to kill and hurt because people do not care to follow codes and do the right thing when it comes to peoples life safety and unfortunate this is not the exception any more it is normal practice in the life safety industry a practice which needs to stop.

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