Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who dropped the ball Part 2# Children of a Lesser God

Who Dropped the ball on our at risk Kids? Part 2#

Children of a Lesser God

The second home these at risk kids will be living at started out as a doctors residence which also more than likely the local hospital after examining the place we found it belonged to Dr. at one time. and in days of old around this city there several such small hospitals where workers who were injured in the mills and mines would have been brought. It then became personnel care center in honor who left money for a small dignified personal care home to be set up in his will after he had spent time in poorly maintained nursing homes. they both then became day care centers for small children.
All along handyman where plying there trade day in day out doing all kinds of illegal wiring and plumbing etc. How in the hell where these homes allowed to be day care centers with all these problems? To make matters worse there is no sprinkler or fire alarm protection on the 3rd floor of this home we found records the fire alarms etc where installed around 81 and the personnel care centers opened in 83 there is no main breaker its all fuses and several of the boxes are badly rusted and double tapped and copper and aluminum mixed and 30 amp fuses where only 15 or 20 should be . Which was pointed out to the owner and are to be replaced with proper service and breakers.
Then there's the exiting doors which have no panic hardware just normal knobs which could prevent some one from getting out during an emergency, again how was this allowed? Then there's bedroom doors with double knobs again how was this allowed? No functioning exit or emergency lights all needed there battery's and or bulbs replaced but hey that's OK we will just go ahead and issue the permits. Do any of these inspectors with their heads up there asses ever look in the basement to see just how bad these houses where. apparently not. maybe there afraid of the dark what they might find down there.

Then there is the matter of all the cans and jars of stuff the owners left in the basement any kid could have gotten hold of and poisoned them selves again who inspected these places and who allowed this. Then there's the cute way they fixed a main drain in the basement with a half piece of pipe a block of wood and duct tape.
of course smoke detectors and sprinkler heads under paddle fans or blocked etc. those will work real well the fact they blocked off the one kitchen doors in the galley so you could become trapped by a grease fire and die yes this house is a total nightmare and some one will die. and almost did while myself and helper where working in the house we noticed after they plugged in all the new window air conditioning units as the house has no central AC , a strong rubber smell and in fact using a heat gun found a hot spot in the wall where a splice was overheating and getting ready to catch fire.
The very day the kids moved in. Had we not been there and had it not been caught by the staff there would have been a fire and some one would have died during the night as i doubt the sprinkler system would function properly as it is leaking.
Yes these must be children of a lesser god because no one has cared to do there job as inspectors in the Pittsburgh Ra. region which is turning into Hooterville.
If this house is like this and local fire capt tells me there are plenty more like it around his neighborhood then we have a crisis in the making. You can be assured if any thing happens to these children there will be hell to pay. And I will be more than glad to hand over everything i have to the persecutors and wrongful death attorneys offices.
I have a whole series of pictures up on my Face Book wall you can see look me up and become a friend and see the nightmare these children are facing as I try to get thing corrected and made safe.

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