Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping Machinery Cool and Safe

With the high temps of summer comes the constant problem of
keeping industrial equipment operating safely to prevent break downs and possible injury to plant personnel.
Most motors and electrical and electronic equipment is meant to be operated at less than 100 degrees so when temps start climbing into the high 90's motors and control boards are being pushed to there maximum safe operating capacity as the temperatures with in equipment cabinets can get well over 200
degrees F.
The most common way to deal with the heat is to install vents and fans to pull air thru the cabinets but when the plant air is near 100 degrees all your doing is moving hot air.
So what can be done when temps start causing problems.

solution 1 # buy equipment which can handle the higher temps but this can be as much as 3-4 times normal costs

Solution 2# install ac its to cool plant again expensive and not always practical

Solution 3# Install compressed air powered cabinet coolers also known as venturri systems cool compressed air is pushed into the cabinet thru a small plastic tube and hot air is pushed out thru the top of the cabinet. thru a muffler looking device. This air exchange works better than fans because the air coming from the compressor is much cooler allowing the cabinets to run 50 or more degrees cooler than ambient air. I recently installed a system made by Ex-air for a oil servicing company which recycles oil for large scale customers and the cost of aprox $600.00 a cabinet has more than paid off in preventing break downs and energy savings as the equipment operates more efficiently.
have a tough cooling problem look into these systems.

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