Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank you Ditek for making excellent Surge protection devices

Well they had some fun the other morning early down at Holy Family Institute an Emsworth Pa. based facility that works with At Risk Youth and Families.
It seems the heavens sent a message in the way of a Lightning Strike. Which hit the St. Marys Group Home which was vacant at the time. The fire alarm system was damaged and will need replaced and a surge was sent thru the wiring which connects all the buildings fire and safety systems but this time instead of having to replace several fire systems we needed to only replace 1 fire panel and some multiplex modules, thanks to the good folks at Ditek Corporation
based in Largo Florida and an area which knows all about lightning as it is the world capital for it.
After the last major lightning strike about 7 years ago destroyed over $10,000.00 in equipment
I convinced the administration to install Ditek's products all around the campus on the fire/ safety communications wires which cost about $700.00 and I also installed main panel surge protection from Square D on the group homes breaker panels. the result is under $2000.00 in damage and no fires which is a real possibility when dealing with direct lightning strikes. Many homes have caught fire due to this in the area. While no surge protector can stop all damage when theirs a direct strike as you can see it did greatly limit it. So good job Ditek Corporation and keep up the good work. I have replaced the surge protectors and within 2 hours the whole campus was back up online . When choosing and installing surge protectors be sure to make sure you follow all instructions and make sure you have good solid grounding or they will not work properly also choose the protector based on what you are protecting so it will quickly clamp and remove the surge. there are surge suppressors available for all types of low and high voltage equipment. And Holy Family is one of my many Institutional customers who understands the value of protecting there property and children in there care.

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  1. A very helpful blog on surge protection device, I am having this device at my home and also at my office. It is efficiently running since 3 years. No problems as previous was.